The Ten Swords

A Juppongatana mini-shrine

The Juppongatana

They are an elite group of 10 men that have their own unique abilities that fight under Shishio Makoto, a former mercenary who was betrayed by the Meiji government. Under his command, they seek to overthrow the current rulers of Japan and take control.

Despite the tendency for groups of fighters to often be ranked against one another, the members of the Juppongatana were never provided with a clear-cut hierarchy of position. However, many characters agreed on some points: that Soujirou was the strongest, that Usui came after him, and that Cho was the weakest (though Cho himself would deny this).

Individual Profiles

View individual information on the different members of the group through the links below. Please remember that there is very little information on these guys – particularly in the history area. There are some exceptions such as Anji, Fuji and Soujirou where their pasts were detailed on throughout the story but otherwise, we know nothing.

Senkaku, another character from the Kyoto Arc, was originally slated to be part of the Juppongatana. However, he was not included in the final list of members.