The Ten Swords

A Juppongatana mini-shrine


For scans and screencaps for Soujirou, please see my separate Seta Soujirou shrine. Much thanks~!

Manga Scans

A collection featuring the members of the Juppongatana with scans from the manga.

Episode Screencaps

Screencaps taken from the Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Arc DVDs. These are grouped by episodes where at least one Juppongatana member has been shown. No edits have been done.

While I don’t own Rurouni Kenshin or claim any rights to it, I spent time rewatching every single episode of the entire Kyoto Arc in order to take these screencaps. Should you decide to use these – for icons, designs or whatever you can think of – I would very much appreciate a link back.